Sunday, May 11, 2008

What other activity?

Ok, Ok. For people who know me IRL, this should've been up a long time back. Anyway, I have got into IIM, Calcutta. And taking this as an inspiration I have decided to blog about this separately. Unfortunately this means that blogging here will be sporadicer than ever. I don't mean it to be this way, but going by the famous no-time-to-breathe schedule that one has to follow in the IIMs, I dont think I will have time to do justice to both, and in that case, esp. for IIMC related stuff that blog will get precedence,

Of course, I love this blog and could never let it go. (Even though I forgot it's 4th birthday on the 30th of March). I shall return here from time to time, so don't delete the feeds for this blog in a hurry.

But definitely say hi to my new IIMC blog! The RSS feed is available too.

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Firefoxcub said...

congrats on the IIM deal.