Thursday, March 20, 2008


I wrote a bunch of stuff for

John, a man from Darjeeling
Could have all the jobs under the ceiling
But whatever he did
He was totally forbid
From being the salesman travelling

Neil, the rich man with the cash
Was searching for space for his stash
But he totally forgot
That space cannot be got
Unless you grep it with backslash.

Rakhi the goddess of beauty
Was just trying to do her duty
What if she shed off her clothes
And hung out with rogues
She's still a pretty hot cutie.

Evangelising one day for firefox
Roger got a bout of chicken pox
No matter what he tried
Synaptic always replied
"Medicines are currently under locks."

** The next one is inspired by a friend. I swear I HAVE NOT heard Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.***

Mark Wahlberg was once my obsession
I once saw him at the station
With the funky bunch,
And I spat out my lunch
When they sung "It's such a good vibration"

Once upon a silvery tree
A quizzing fairy said to me
That you will always lose
Until you choose
Randall Munroe & XKCD

A girl was raped upon the shore
She went quizzing, so goes the lore
"Do you know
the Bond in Dr.No"
It's Sean Connery - she said Roger Moore.

So they did.


I made some more!

A 5 yr old cannot say fuck
Unless his teachers really suck
And they teach him to say
"A duck in the quay"
And he gets his d's and f's all mixed up.

** this one is dedicated to another friend of mine ***

Cut him up with a knife
And go and murder his wife
He's such a dumb bird
That he hasn't heard
"Coming Back to Life"!

Yesterday they confessed to me
And today I tell it to thee
Yes it so is true
Oh! the lying crew
It's all fixed - on WWE

I just have this disease
I just cannot cease
To end with stupid lines
So that it rhymes
Can someone help me please?


Kunal said...

Am I to understand that you won Abhimanyu?

Also, what is with the (seemingly) gratuitous reference to rape?

Abhishek said...

I didn't and most probably I wont.

As for the gratuitous reference, it was originally meant to be more "tight" / overt. But I wold urge you to read the last part.

"she said Roger Moore. So they did."

Yash Marathe said...

Good piece of advice:

Whatever you do in life, don't ever listen to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

Aditya said...

Correction: You heard Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch at Venkat's place (on Weena's computer) the other day.

bw , is the 'Coming Back to life' one inspired by Yasho?

Abhishek said...

@aditya : I meant *heard* heard. Not the auditory version of peeking.

And its actually mainly dedicated to adinath, and partly to Yasho.

Kunal said...

Also, and maybe I am just being pedantic here, but limericks are about more than just the AABBA rhyme scheme. You've got to follow the 3-3-2-2-3 meter.

Abhishek said...

You're not being pedantic. I realised that long ago. A lot of these don't work simply because the meter is all wrong!

Kunal said...

Well, then either you prove that you write these verses in a county in western Ireland, or change the name of your blogpost. You do not want to mess with the Geographical Indicator division of the EU legal department.

Abhishek said...

Well - you will notice that the title should not offend the said division of the EU legal department. It's a neologism, meant to indicate reciting limericks while doing this :

Firefoxcub said...

ive never heard marky mark either but i rem an Eminem reference to him
"Back when Mark wahlberg was Marky Mark; this is how we used to make the party start..."
fun stuff. nice rhymes btw.

Yash Marathe said...

Don't mean to be picky, but "say" doesn't exactly rhyme with "quay" which is pronounced like "key"...

Abhishek said...

Yeah. But I picked up the word from the Aussies, and I don't think they pronounce it that way. I might be wrong.