Friday, March 09, 2007

Neologism Time

Précis : Use the word Nudd. It means a studd nerd.

Kunal might claim to have the coolest blog tag line.(He was even nominated for the Indibloggie category. Yes, they had one.) Yes, his case is quite strong, however the whole "Omni Dicta Fortiora ..." effect seems to pall after a while. I think mine is pretty decent too.(In case you had't noticed, please see the lines below the header.) As for blog names, Maajorly Shadymax Arbit Fundaes takes the cake, candles and the cherry. Too bad it no longer exists. The title that is.

However, today I chanced upon a blog that goes by the title:

CONMEN (Club of Nudds Made Effectively Nuddier) : The Symbiosis Law Quizzing Society

This brilliant blog, ensures that full attention is paid to painstaking efforts chosen in the naming of this blog, that there is absolutely zero content to read. Zilch, Shunya. Not even a shred of flirtlessly flitted words strung together. It's as if they're saying - read wayfarer, read (much like this)Read this title that shines in all its glory for your express perusal. And we do.

Only to admire and gaze and wonder at that single word, spangled into the otherwise bland concoction - Nudd and the even more brilliant "Nuddier". I'm sure they meant something when they said, and we would've been happy to accept, sauf if they'd cared to elucidate and expand. But, nay, they hath not done so, so permettez-moi to put forth a definition :

Nudd : A studd nerd.

PS1 : Studd : Really froody shiny kinda guy.

Acceptable variations : Nuddy, Nuddier, Nuddiest, Nuddlesome, Nuddlike, Nuddletize, Nuddiness

Sample Passage:

Grunthos the Flatulent, in spite of being generally shunned by the poetic community of the Azgoths of Kria, (not entirely because they suspected him of being in cahoots with "Mach0 - Your Friendly Ear-muff and Sound Blocking Buddy"), the pan-galactic sound-blocking megaporation was generally consider to be a Nudd amongst his buddies at the Kria Krying Koats Poetic Society. They argued however, about his level of nuddiness - with the majority claiming that he was the nuddiest of them all. However a small faction of the KKKPS, voiced vociferously their claim, that Panthos, the Even Flatulent was the Nuddiest of them all, because they felt that the Worst Poet of the Universe competition was unabashedly rigged by SMS voting, and that they totally distanced themselves from such "populist" and "base, unmoralistic practices". However - in hindsight, the Guide generally notes that Grunthos was in fact one of the nuddiest persons to have graced the table. Panthos however has obscured into the ephemeral moats of wayside figures as is often the case with many small, petulant, incongruous and inconsequential bastards.)

Till next time, for all you nudds out there - happy moment of self-appellation.

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