Friday, February 02, 2007

Notes from Traffic Signal

Not enough time/inclination to string sentences together at 1:30 am.

  1. Sudhir Mishra fits the bill perfectly.
  2. Kunal Khemu does a decent job. Sticks out like a sore thumb in a few scenes though.
  3. Disappointed with Konkona Sen-Sharma, one of her forgettable films. Why do the credits say "Special Performance"?
  4. Ranveer Shourie profile is further elevated. His role however seems to lack something, fizzles out at the end.
  5. Neetu Chandra is unrecognizable from Shaadi No.1. Pulls of a really good performance.
  6. I'm happy the trilogy is complete. Still don't know why its a trilogy. Is Madhur going to change gears in terms of style? And why was Chandni Bar not part of this.
  7. Personal Reminder: Need to see Aan - Men at Work.
  8. Bhandarkar includes another host of Marathi actors, his favourite Upendra Limaye (who will also be seen in the upcoming Black Friday), Mohan Joshi, Sandeep Kulkarni and co.

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