Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Blank Noise Blog-a-thon.

Support these guys in the amazing work that they are doing out there. However the question that greatbong asks, remains in my mind too, "do road-side romeos read my blog" - I fervently hope that they do ;-)

Meanwhile a sample of what women are saying on blog-a-thon. Some really powerful stuff.

* Chinmayee
* Sakshi
* Rohini
* Premalatha

(we will soon return with more insignificant, trivial issues, bear with us for the inconvenience - this however was important)


Jasmeen said...

Hi there

about roadside romeos. yes they exist, and they could be anyone, anyone driving, cycling, on a bike, blogger, ceo, paan wala

who knows, the roadside romeo we dont recognize could be reading it

on the other hand, this blog-a-thon is not only towards 'perpetrators', it hopes to address the issue and understand its complexity through various lenses.

thanks for writing!

Abhishek said...

you're welcome!
(and yes, i understand that awareness is a major reason.)

M (tread softly upon) said...

even if the roadside romeos don't read any of the blogs, may be the ones that do read them are men who can stand up for the women when they see something wrong happening. Sometimes people just stand around and watch and do not come to the aid of a defenseless woman. If any of the stories touches a chord may be the next time someone will stand up and say "no".