Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Take that Mr. Adams !

We just got a brand new digital watch at our place. It's more of a digital 'clock' if you know what i mean - more for public viewing rather than for private procrastination. I've always wondered from when i was I think about 10 why people bothered using analog watches in which you couldn't ascertain minutes accurately let alone the seconds. When i told my dad that i wanted that latest FastTrack he looked at me with a scorn saying 'but that's a digital' maybe comparing it with some of those amazing G-Shocks you get at Lakshmi Road. Now that this new clock continues to enlighten me about the time i take to eat and other such things i would never ever have noticed. And yes if your dear DNA gets upset remind him to check the Rolex at Wimbledon, the next time he's there.


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