Sunday, October 10, 2004

Snippets of PIET

My first month at PIET has been quite hectic, thus contributing to the neglect of this blog. However my teachers have taken over the content creation for this article. Here are a few masterstrokes.

Deshpande V.L.
* Now I will take attendance, pls. say 'Yes Sir' or 'No Sir'

* Please students, don't perform mischief, don't perform mischief. Last year 10 boys were expelled for performing mischief - out of which five were girls.

'Director' Ghatol

* I don't say PIET is the best college. There are colleges like IITs and there are other colleges. PIET is somewhere in between. But students we have something that no college in the world has, (long pause...) The Mula river!

Our Maths Teacher - Mrs. Kavishwar

* How can you say that 'x' is negative. If it had been '-x' then it would have been negative.

Our Physics Sir - Mr. Kamble

* Now students for extra knowledge on the subject of semiconductors, please write down the name of the website -

Such is the wonderful life at PIET - never missed FC esp. with regard to the teachers.


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