Saturday, August 21, 2004

(AD)Mission Accomplished !!

Finally after an admission procedure which lasted for about 3 months the allotment list have been annouced for FE admissions. I have managed to get PIET(formerly COEP)
So thats one very important job done. Hope to start college soon, maybe by the first week of sep. We are expected to pay by next week. Then maybe a second list. So Sep. is a good guess.


Inquizzition posters were finalized and printed. Thus AnAstAsiA Arts(a company whose founder, chairman, clerk, cleaner etc etc is me) gets its first credit though last years poster was also designed by the same company. Therefore that's one major work done and expect FC Quest ppl swarming around ur institution and putting up the posters. A copy of the poster will soon be put up here. So watch this space.


Quizzing League News :

It has been decied by general opinion that the league will be executed on a test basis this year. That means that only a certain amount of ppl.(read regular BC quizzers) will be included. However invitations will soon be sent and then a list will be drawn up. This has to be finalized before InqV as that will be the first event under this programme.


On a personal note t'day i'm feeling really good for getting in to COEP nay PIET. Hope to have four fulfilling and enriching experience for four years. There are about 4-5 friends who have also got through, so hope i enjoy my time with all of them. Also am looking forward to be a member of the boat club. Do we get to row etc etc. i think that would be quite interesting. Also looking forward to help organize chakravyuh and witness the grand treat that is the regatta. Also most imp looking forward to loitering on the lawns of BC as ppl shoot of questions every saturday at BCQC. That i admit has me smiling from ear to ear. So with lots to look forward to here's signing off !


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