Friday, March 26, 2004

Here my friends comes a speciality quiz, that i myself and i am sure many of you will enjoy. Co-written in association with my cousin Shaunak(who by the way is a walking talking pottermaniac). A set of 20 questions to enthrall you and wait for the answers next week. If you get all twenty you may post it to me before 5th of April at
(prefer if you guys do not refer the books and send it to me straight away)
So here goes,

1.Gordic, Helga, Rowena, and ______. Complete the blank and give me the connection.
:Salazaar - these are the first names of the house founders.

2. Phineas Nigellus, Armando Dippet, Everard,Dilys,_________(Complete the blank and give me the connection).
Dumbledore These are the Hogwarts headmasters.

3. There are only two links on the first page of official website for the Harry potter website. What do these two links say ?
The two links say : (for) MUGGLES and (for) witches and wizards

4.Complete the following address by which the first letter to Harry addressed ?

Mr. H.Potter
4 Privet Drive,
:The Cupboard Under The Stairs,Little Whinging

5. What is the maiden name of Mrs.Petunia Dursley ?
Evans (remember Lily Evans and she is the sister of aunt petunia)

6.Name the model of the Weasely's car which Harry and Ron manage to fly ?
Ford Anglia

7. If you were angry at someone you would send a Howler. What would you send someone if you were happy?
You would send an Owler.

8. Connect servants flesh, enemy's blood and father's bones ?
These are the three things needed by Lord Voldemort.

9. What is the password to work the Marauders's Map ?(additional pat on the back for the person who gives password to conceal it)
For working it : I solemly swear i am upto no good
to conceal : mischief managed

10. Give me the password to the Slytherin common room? (simple and sweet eh!)
Good trivia : the password is Pure Blood

11. What significant piece of literature is written on a particular travelling bag that JKR carried on one of her continental flights ?
She actually worked out the names of the four houses Griffindyor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw on her travelling bag.

12. Connect Miranda Goshawk, Bathilda Bagshot, Adalbert Waffling , Phylida Spore, Emerick Switch ....
These are the authors of the books first tears need to go to Hogwarts

13. What is the significance of a quaint unused shop called "Purge & Dowse Ltd."(which had chipped dummies in its windows modelling fashions which were atleast 10 years out of date).
This is the entrance to St. Mungos' Hospital ...

14. Give me one word for 'Flight of Evil' .

15. Why are the French supposedly very angry with JKR ?
(courtesy Ulka) Apparently she has named all the villians in french(she herself was a french teacher)

16. Which shop would you go to, if you wanted to buy robes ?
Madam Malkins'

17. If Daniel Radcliffe plays the role of Potter in the movies who plays the role of Hermione ?
Emma Watson

18. What is kept in Vault No. 713 in the Gringotts's Bank ?(turkey of the quiz)
The Philosophers Stone

19. Connect feed the chickens, you are late, make tea, mortal peril, home ....
These are the various title on Mrs. Weasleys special Clock.
20. What are the only pets allowed at Hogwarts ?
Owls, Toads and Cats

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