Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ode to Frustration

How many times have you ever heard
Of a wise man without a beard
Of towering love and showering rain
But without sorrow - without pain

This is one such funny tale
That takes you not through hill and dale
But through common ground of yore
Here's something you've not heard before

Once there was a small town nearby
Clear blue springs and an open sky
And there were some boys and cute little girls
Like threaded beads on a chain of pearls

To school they all went from june to june
From the day's first ray to the shimmering noon
And they danced and sang and played around
Under beautiful skies over lush green ground

Then one day there came to town
A teacher who would make your heart go down
That is, if you are one of those boys
Who would romp about with all their toys

Marching around and bossing about
Those little boys would destroy and shout
And leave the playroom for the poor girls to clean
Who would then cry about how those boys were so mean

Here in came the teacher to set the record straight
He would be strict with Jack and be soft on Kate
For every toy that the boys would break
He would take away their daily piece of cake

And this he would give to the girls
Along with some pastry and a couple of twirls
And if this would not make them stop
He would promptly hand them that cream lollypop

So as the punishment continued for the boys
The girls got to play with all those lovely toys
And that is how it was always to be
This is the history behind it - don't you see

This is why when boys always muck up
Girls promptly go and then suck up.


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